All About Victoria’s Secret!

All About Victoria’s Secret!

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She is a star in her own rights. With a circle of influence that supersedes your regular student leader. She is VICTORIA N. MBUGUA.

“What’s up! My name is Victoria! I am the former Vice-Chair and Secretary-General in the student government of USIU-Africa. I am also the former nominee for the most influential student leader in Kenya. I love adventure! This includes going for water rafting and bungee jumping. Talk about being an adrenaline junkie, huh, that’s me!”

“Since becoming a student leader, I remember there was one time when I had been invited for an official conference. I knew straight on that I needed to look great and fabulous. So I immediately called Shiyenze and placed an order for some skirts! I was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that she was the right person to run to because she never disappoints! I knew I could really count on her to deliver even with the short notice. Believe it or not, she delivered the skirts right on time and at a very affordable price! I rocked my Shiyenze skirts with confidence and boldness because that’s what Shiyenze represents. A few weeks later, it was time for the inaugural USIU-Africa Culture Week. Again I approached Shiyenze and placed yet another order. However, this time around I needed a male designer shirt for a friend. I was shocked to find out that she had not done any men’s wear before and that this was going to be a first for her. I knew I could trust her because she is ever pushing herself to deliver beyond her customers’ expectations.

Oh my, I love my KASEO COAT (cape coat)!! I love it! I love it! I love it! The design and style is simple exquisite! You see, I make a lot of orders off Shiyenze Fashion. And by now Shiyenze knows I am a sucker for bold prints and that’s exactly what she offers. The Shiyenze clothing line is known for its high quality fabrics that never fade off, perfectly made fit to measure outfits and the affordable rates. Given the fact that Shiyenze Fashion has such a bright future ahead, she is making major strides in the fashion industry. Shiyenze is a practical role model to all the people who have visions and want to pursue them. She has proven that it can be done! Every time I meet her, she is always talking about what’s next for her fashion line, who she wants to meet & work with, which events she wants to attend, and how she plans to promote her brand? I mean, the list is endless. I cant wait to see how far this brand will go. Shiyenze, keep the wheel moving! ‎

The location of the photo shoot…oh my! Kilimanjaro Jamia Hotel was the best setting for this photo shoot! This place is exquisite. Yes I am a foodie, but I am also very social. And this venue creates the perfect ambience for social interactions. I loved working with Shiyenze’s team of creatives, stylists, photographers and set designers. They were very professional, friendly and showed me how to pose (I think I should do more of this)…hehehe! Generally they were very creative and knew exactly what they wanted. A big shout out to Joel Maluki for the creative directing. And with that, I raise a glass to Shiyenze Fashion.”

Victoria N. Mbugua is a great leader in our society and also my very good friend.‎ I met Victoria through her boyfriend; she wanted me to help select a surprise gift for him. I think if i was not a fashion designer i would be gift selector…Lol.‎ You see, art is all up in the detail and that drives me. I was amazed at how detailed Victoria wanted the shirt and that’s how i won her heart by delivering the exact details for her boyfriend.‎ All in all, it has been an amazing journey with this great!

Victoria loves bold colors and she is quite daring in her selection. ‎During her tenure in student leadership, I enjoyed dressing her for numerous significant events and occasions. As opposed to her personality, she is not all over the moon about print material. However, I managed to understand her ideas and alas, the signature ‎KASEO COAT.

Working with Victoria for this particular project has been nothing short of awesome! I enjoyed every bit of it. Her personality is to die for. At some point I actually thought she should pursue a career in modelling. She would be fantastic! Ama vipi? Leadership is not just about great speeches and leading a revolution, it’s also about looking great. It only acts as a compliment to greatness. Don’t you agree??? Hehehe! Now back to Victoria, on the day of the shoot, we had an option of getting her to wear a white fitting dress or the black top & pants as seen in the pictures. Either way, the KASEO COAT would still be perfect with a fitting dress of a strong bold colors. If you are smart about color blocking, try to KASEO COAT on a hot pink dress and tell me what you think.

Special thanks to BackYard Shoes . You guys have the best shoes in town!

KASEO Coat by Shiyenze Fashion (0700 651964)
Shoes by BackYard Shoes(0720 596844)
Black top & pants – Model’s own
Handbag – Model’s own
Wrist watch – Model’s own
Jewelry by Shiyenze Fashion
Photography by Kuyoh (0728 750858)
Make-up by Joy Maringa(0717 744124
Location – Kilimanjaro Jamia on Kimathi Street Nairobi (0735 117070) ‎