Fearlessly Fashionable

They say in life you are a sum total of people you meet. I live by that quote.6 years ago, I met the Larry Madowo formerly at NTV now at BBC America. who really served as a pivot of strength and growth for my brand. He gave me an opportunity to dress him on The Trend. As we all know THE TREND was a great show and the talk of town. This was huge and a learning curve for me. I had no prior experience with screen as it has its own hidden guidelines. I spent time in research and thus the growth in screen styling and design am always open on any opportunities for screen again. Just saying out there…

In the process of working with Larry, one day while delivering a shirt I got in touch with Liz. She had also private messaged me on Facebook so it was a good build up… To my surprise she was a fashion stylist and had a fashion blog. What began as a random encounter blossomed to a great relationship. Liz became my go to person on screen styling, she would offer critiques on outfits I did. The ripple effect was I grew in my skill, trust and we realized we can work together.

We worked together on number of projects, the epitome being FURAHA COLLECTION 2016 LOOK BOOK. The collection flew higher than expected and was recognized globally.

Why did I write this emotional write up?

Today is Liz Madowo’s birthday. She turns a year older. She has been a sister and a great support system. I choose to celebrate her, by sharing some of the best works we have done together.

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Class. Statement. Style.

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