Most people often seem to change according to what they wear; some outfits make you feel chic and some induce the gentleman or lady in you. Most of us need an event or a reason to grace an occasion or dress to kill.

But not Elvis Kahiu.

Elvis Kahiu’s character and vibrant persona speaks for itself in his physical and digital presence… He loves being out there! His personality also makes it quite easy to dress him; he is an easygoing guy.

As young and dazzling as he may seem, Mr. Kahia is a fully fledged pilot! *crowd screams* Yes, this fine lad is a professional even at his young age. This, however, is not an excuse for him to slack in what he does. What tells him apart from all his peers is his love for family and God. Find him always talking about his family and his work… And giving credit for all of that to The One who created him. In such a day and time, finding a man who values family the way Elvis does is a gem.

Working with Elvis is more than a work experience; it’s a friendship developing brick by brick. His presence on set and even in Shiyenze attires is just demanding! This kaftan was a perfect match for his personality; the bold red and the black is well suited for his strong personality and the detail softening that edge. A young soul full of ambitions, family love and spirituality, I am honoured and even more delighted to have Elvis ‘Lee’ Kahia as part of this journey to make Shiyenze fashion what it is going to be.

To support the brand you can purchase our ready to wear items via this link We offer worldwide shipping and free delivery within Kenya. Each purchase you make is a fuel to freedom. Turning wardrobe dreams into a reality.

Class. Statement. Style.

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