How Covid-19 Has transformed business operations

How Covid-19 Has transformed business operations

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Ola! Vaashiyenze tribe Breaking News! Breaking News!
On  13th March all media stations in Kenya reported we had the first patient being confirmed with COVID 19. The anxiety, disbelief that tricked in our hearts was immeasurable.  We were not prepared for this as a nation and as a business.There was already a lot to deal with for many businesses and individuals. The existing high unemployment rate , low sales in business, low disposable income was already a scare for many. Adding a global pandemic was an extreme struggle for citizens.

News after news and we already had to close down our Westlands boutique for the safety of our employees and clients.  Our operations dynamics has also changed  and we have decided to operate fully on our e-shop to help us cushion ourselves during this season.

Then arose the need for masks to help individuals. The masks are purely cloth masks and help you not to touch your face,protects you from dust among many other things including the current scare …The masks have a place to insert filter and dispose regularly.We are happy to be involved in the project.Our target is to make as many masks for the community around us….can we get to 1,000,000 masks maybe yes maybe not? The ultimate goal is to transform the community around us with the weapons we have. Tailoring! Let’s tailor your masks .Currently in stock we have two types of masks,namely RONA and CORO.The masks can be worn by children and adults.

First type is the famous RONA masks which is people’s favourite. RONA masks has two layers,with a place to insert a filter. They are available in wide range of colours.Each mask comes in a different color,all the masks are made from our Ankara fabrics which are 100% cotton,the string is made from jersey,to offer comfort while wearing .Price for RONA masks ksh 250

The second type is CORO masks,CORO masks has an inbuilt filter and has an elastic string. Its a one size fits all,all you need is to adjust the string with a knot to fit your face . Price for each ksh 250

All our masks are recyclable,you can wash it and sanitise it for usage again…To wash use hot water with salt and allow it to dry. We are discouraging sharing of masks at all costs.

We may not be privileged to be having alot of resources in our hands but we possess a great weapon: Tailoring masks.We will use this weapon now to protect our community. We are all in this together. For every 100 masks sale we will offer a donation of mask to an organisations or our neighbouring community in Kangemi. Kangemi is a densely populated slum in Nairobi. Our workshop is based in kangemi area, thus they are part of our community.Our aim is to donate at least 10,000 masks to individuals who can’t be able to afford to purchase masks.Together we can help eradicate corona with love.

We urge you friends to support us in this by purchasing masks.We are accepting bulk and retail orders better yet we offer delivery at your doorstep. Our local delivery partners are Wells Fargo and international delivery we are using DHL. For all your purchases use the link ( ) or whatsapp us on +254700651964
Our community!Our responsibility!
#flatten the curve