Meet the adorable Chelsea

Meet the adorable Chelsea

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“Hi, my name is Chelsea Tumbu Blessing and I am 2 years old. I love watching cartoons (especially Johny Johny….yes papa), reading story books, dancing and playing with phones.” – Chelsea (pictured)


“My first African dress was from Shiyenze. My father bought it for me as a Christmas gift. I always love how I look. This TOTO dress is my favorite dress. When I grow up, I want to be like Shiyenze! She is beautiful” – Chelsea

Kids are a blessing from God. When Jesus said, ‘let the little children come unto me’, they probably wore a Shiyenze…(Hahaha)‎

Working with Baby Chelsea was one of my most exciting experiences on this project. I met her through her father who was jazzed by our TOTO collection and quickly proceeded to place an order for his precious jewel, Chelsea. He tells me how Chelsea loved her Christmas gift so much that she never changed to her night dress that night. She slept in her Shiyenze dress. 🙂 How lovely!

Chelsea’s photo shoot was amazing! Many photographers usually find it hard to get a baby to cooperate during a shoot but interestingly, KUYOH The Photographer had an easy time with Chelsea. She has a very vibrant, energetic and easy going personality that compliments her free spirit. She clearly loves dancing and playing games on the phone. This happened severally while on set and later, she began giving us some dancing lessons.

Any fashion designer will tell you how great of an experience it is designing for kids. Despite the pressure of making the parents smile, your mind is also thinking of how to make this child a star in your own design. My experience with kids has been a great one! I am always anxious whenever I receive a TOTO order. For me, it’s not just an outfit, but an opportunity to touch a child’s life in the best way I know how, Shiyenze Fashion!

Photography: Kuyoh Photography

Toto Dress: Shiyenze Fashion

Shoes:Chelsea’s Closet