Meet the voices of the light

Meet the voices of the light

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A singing group with a special eye for fashion and style. The group is made up of Anne Njuguna , MaureenOgango and Joylindsie Nyika. Stunning ladies with sultry voices and beautiful smiles.‎

You see, unity in a team is everything. Especially for a singing group like The Voices of Light. It begins offstage and is perfected on stage. At times the colors, fits and style says it all. I have had the privilege of working with these beautiful girls for the last 6 years. Way before the inception of Shiyenze Fashion. They embraced my crazy ideas and encouraged me to start Shiyenze Fashion. Six years later, the journey continues. ‎

This look was a special choice for both the team and I.‎ We wanted something away from the bold African prints but a more modern classy look that would fit in all occasions. That’s why we settled on the BARAKA Skirts. Sometimes, being a fashion designer means incorporating your clients ideas with your expertise to create something unique. This has helped me all the time. I meet all sorts of people with all sorts of ideas and suggestions. And with a warm heart I welcome them and work at creating a cutting edge look. “Your dreams are valid.” – Lupita Nyong’o. Share your ideas and let us make it happen! Now back to Voices Of Light. ‎
Enjoy the look, won’t you! :)‎

“Our experience with Shiyenze was amazing because it taught us to be open to new ideas while incorporating ours.‎ For some of us we had to put aside ignorance, fear and self will in order to embrace glamour, style and fashion. Simply because that’s Shiyenze for us! ‎Her team made us feel very comfortable all through the experience. Our most ideal moment was when we got to see our inner beauty revealed on the outside after the beautiful make up and styling was done. Talking about the make up, we all love this great work of art. The way it blended with our skin tones and brought out the best in us is simply amazing! The professionalism and expertise is truly commendable. Big up to JOY MARINGA…tushakubook (We have already booked you) for our weddings…hehehe!‎
Shiyenze Fashion – Excellence of the highest degree. Thumbs up!” – Voices Of Light. ‎

Photography: Kuyoh Photography (0728 750858)‎
Skirts: Shiyenze (0700 651964)
Black Tops : Model’s own ‎
Shoes: Backyard Shoez (0720 596844)‎
Make Up: Joy Maringa ( 0717 744124)
Location : Word of Light Church