Ola EZIL!! Happy Birthday!

Ola EZIL!! Happy Birthday!

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“Hi, My name Ezil, a creative fashion blogger who believes that there are no limits in life. My blog is a space where I share my style with the hope of inspiring women to be the best they can possibly be.”

“Funny thing is I can’t quite remember how Shiyenze and i met, all I remember is that there was this girl who was always happy to see me and seemed to have so much faith in me. With time I got to know her and I just love how she expresses herself through her art, from her everyday style to her designs.

As a fashion blogger one thing I can tell you for sure is that there are really no rules to fashion. However, your dressing speaks volumes about who you are. This ROSA dress from Shiyenze not only brings out my femininity but the print and color selection brings out my joyful bubbly personality. As a young creative I absolutely adore the keen attention to detail and the beautiful print selections one finds at Shiyenze. Its definitely a collection I would recommend.

It is an honor to be a part of the 40 Days 40 Personalities campaign, and really humbling to have my profile put up on my birthday (although I pretty much insisted) I like how she selected urban eatery as my shooting location, seriously this lady gets me.

Ezil’s work is truly inspiring,her physique attitude and combination of personality that she oozes. I knew definitely we would definitely work together. I met her online first and when we met in person she was even more amazing. ROSA Dress was one of my pieces for my maiden collection. Its a chic outfit,that also informed my selection of venue.

Her shoot was really entertaining,enjoy the story.

Also check out her blog on http://www.stylewithezil.com/ to see more of her great work!

Photography: Rey Matata

ROSA Dress

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Make Up:
Joy Maringa

Urban Eatery