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Why Shiyenze?

It is richly African, genuinely inspired and the pinnacle of excellent design. Shiyenze fashion line is bent on leading the way in creative storytelling, through the much celebrated and steeply beloved modes of excellent dressing or attire.


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Ahero dress was designed out of need. I had gone through a rough patch and it required that I visited the clinic daily for my vitals to  be taken. I came up with this concept as I still look stylish and it was easy to do a lot while in hospital. I had a  friend from Ahero help me put the vision into reality. Out of that experience we had a timeless chic outfit. The dress is easy to style thus making it multi purpose.  Each Ahero is a reminder that resilience and good support is a great gift. Enjoy your Ahero dress.

  • Loose fitting.
  • Has two pockets.
  • No zip
  • Full length (38 inches.)
  • The model is wearing a Large