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My name is Shiyenze Khasoha; I am the brand owner of Shiyenze. A Kenyan clothing and style brand that seeks to make exquisite pieces that are made with skill and love. It is funny that I mentioned love because my name means love! What a fun fact. This piece of writing is meant to be window through which you will take a sneak peep of what the past one year has been for me.

A little background… shall we? Growing up I thought I was a normal girl, and I was …actually nothing on the abnormal that you could notice from me from outside, only that there was! When I was about 10 years old I started experiencing periods just like any other girl getting to puberty, only that mine were a little different. My bleeding was longer I bled more than normal and this caused an alarm! Bleeding for a whole month or for 20 days is not a normal thing…is it? Anyway on noticing the I decided to visit the hospital for a diagnosis of course. In my mind it was a normal health issue like any other and I knew somehow that the doctors would solve it for me. With all my hopes high, I went to the hospital and explained my case not once but severally, did the doctors find a solution for me/ well let’s see… No! They did not, all my teenage years were a series of clinic visit, different doctors and gynecologists but one thing remained constant, my problem was never solved.

Fast forward the beginning of the year 2017 things took a different turn to the worse, I could bleed nonstop for a whole month but being the election year I happened to be very busy in the business that I only went for clinics and checkups to just control the bleeding and did not look into the root cause of the problem. Being the lead creative director and the manager for the brand, I was held up by the business during that time. You see, My fashion business is my everything, my family depends on it and I also depend on it for my upkeep and bills that include my education funds for that reason, therefore, I had to concentrate on it or otherwise my source of livelihood would collapse.

Charity Runway(Renal Gala Show)

I work odd hours, those who know me know that my business is my priority, it has to be, and this is a mixture of the love for what I do and the need to also pay my bills, therefore no escape for me. I was happy with this life until my health issues caught up with me…

It was a normal day that day… I woke up as usual and embarked on my normal day’s activities without knowing that it would not end as normally as it had started. I remember I was running some errand and as I was walking on the streets, I collapsed… well, I was told that I collapsed because the last thing I remember really was me being alive and doing my errand happily only to wake up on in a hospital bed! That day was meant to be long, both for me, my mum and the people whole helped me to go to the hospital. They thought I was dead, so instead of heading to the hospital, they took me to the police station. Arriving at the police station the officers thought I was gone too until I coughed and they realized I was alive, talk of being raised from the dead literally… that was the beginning of my struggles… after a series of tests they discovered I had ovarian cancer. It was a shock to me, I mean I thought I was okay! I asked questions, why me? Maybe it’s a misdiagnosis? I wished it was not true but sadly it was. I later on accepted my reality… Treatment began, and what that meant for my brand is that it had to go slow, I could no longer deliver to my client with ease as I was used to, some of my clients could not connect to my journey. They thought I was negligent, there was one particular one that asked me why is it that when it came to their orders it’s when I began having issues! It broke my heart, I felt really bad for that comment to be made to me knowing very well what I was battling.

It has not been an easy road I have struggled to find the right doctors to treat me and also to find money to cover my bills. Thank you for you journeyed with us, with me till now. Cancer treatment is not easy, its drains your energy and robs you many things in life. Shiyenze as a brand struggled, it took a detour during my treatment period as I was unable to work as much as before. Along the journey, I have learned valuable lessons I have cried, I have gotten stressed and I have felt dejected and I have known pain! Well we live to fight another day.

I am happy to report though that my journey is headed in the right direction I am on recovery now; I responded to treatment well, it was a miracle. Cancer might have messed with my body but my artistic antenna is still on point. Let’s end this painful journey together, and start a new blissful future. Buy a piece from us, refer a friend to buy one, share our page to your contacts. You will be supporting a dream!  To shop for our pieces here is the link to the shop

Thank you so much…