The Teenage Dream

The Teenage Dream

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“Hi, my name is Bernadette Itambo and I am a teenage model. I love art, I enjoy art, drink, eat, walk, talk art!! Art is life to me. My hobbies are drawing, designing and dancing.”

“Last April, I participated in the Little Miss World Kenya contest. I had Shiyenze design my outfits for every category: Dinner, African, Talent and Casual. I felt good having her on my team. This definitely contributed to my outstanding performance and confidence all through the pageant.”

“Growing up under the same roof with my elder sister Shiyenze always prompted me to lean towards fashion and design. One day, the opportunity to design a dress presented itself. I designed this African dress myself. I wanted something long and traditional. Just like the way Ugandan woman dress. The traditional style appealed to me so much so I took it up… I just love the grace that comes with this outfit!”

“I have known Shiyenze all my life (literally!) but working with her on a professional level like this was a whole different experience for me. Being sisters, I expected minute sibling arguments to crop up during shoots or a bit of favoritism on my side because, hey, we’re sisters! Hehehe! On the contrary, Shiyenze handled me with a lot of professionalism. Most people would not even guess we are related! She treated me like she would with any other partner. I appreciate how she listens to my suggestions and directs me where needed because I evidently still have lots to learn. At the end of the day, she is super creative and artistic. I enjoy every minute working with.”

“The photo shoot was very enjoyable! The shoes were fantastic, the team was very kind; I had a great time.” – Bernadette“… the shoes are fantastic…”

Teenagers are quite daring, bold and may often not be as easy to work with. However, my experiences with Bernadette have been almost too good! Having to watch her grow into an amazing model has been a wowing experience for me! Her personality and creativity cause me to look forward to working with her and through her, tell more stories. She is an inspiration!

It’s always an honor to work with an artist. Given that every artist has a pool of ideas, it’s always a challenging experience allowing oneself to be guided. Every artist out there will surely understand what I mean! Have a creative day ahead, won’t you?

Shoes: backyardshoez

Dress: RINGA Dress from shiyenze


Make up:
Joy Maringa joy_maringa

Location :
Juniper Social Westlands.