Your health is wealth.

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May is known to be a global mental health awareness month. We have had various opportunities to share with our clients and extend a listening ear to one or two.

Our physical location of business has been closed since march. We have missed the routine of meeting people daily and running Operations without restrictions.

Let us not even talk about the uncomfortable experience of wearing a mask. The New normal courtesy of COVID. We are going through unexpected times around the globe . The world seems to have shrunk and bowed to tough economic challenges. As a business we have experienced a consistent time of no sales. This can be disheartening to an artist.

Beyond the struggles, we have decided to adopt other mechanisms to ensure our health is not at risk. My routine has greatly changed for the better. I have adopted exercise(i skip rope and take a walk daily ) taking water regulary,listen to a podcast or something encouraging on you tube. I am also learning to switch off negative news, negative concepts better yet creating a space for my mind.

Social media is a great space, but has a pool of trolls and bullies that can make your life miserable. Enjoy the positive side of social media and also safe guard your mental health. Report the bullies,block them, deactivate, seek help …above all lets be kind and spread love.

Our mind is a tool of weapon. We also recommend if you are feeling stuck and need to see a therapist or counsellor.Our friend Amani Maranga shared a code valid till the end of June.

Visit google play store, download Inuka Wellness app ,register then Enter code LT2020.
With this you will enjoy a four free session with a professional counsellor /therapist.
Your mental health is your wealth.

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