That's Different 2023

Thats Different 2023.


My name is Roselyne Shiyenze and I am the founder and creative director of Shiyenze Fashion which was founded in 2012 and the New York branch founded in 2021. 'Shiyenze' has its origin in the Luyha language, a Kenyan tribe, and roughly translated means the feeling of being attractive or appreciated. My journey from rural Kenya to the streets of New York has been filled with ups and downs, enormous wins and heartbreaking losses, but through this experience my creative drive has continued to develop, and I have been able to take these experiences and tell their story through the use of fashion and fabric. 


These days I spend most of my time in Soho and my walks on the streets there clear my mind. I am lucky enough to find inspiration everywhere I look across New York, like a living mood board, and aim to bring my unique background, culture, and design from Kenya to the streets of New York. My team is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in New York Fashion Week 2023 and have been busy working on our exclusive fashion week collection that will blend East African influences with New York style to create fluid street wear pieces that are uniquely African, yet boldly New York. 


Let's delve into the "That's Different 2023" collection. Initially the collection felt like it would embody teals, turquoise, jungle green, and other green shades embodying renewal, new beginnings, and growth, but as the collection came together blues and yellows took center stage with the feelings of inspiration, sincerity, happiness, and hope. Coming from Kenya so recently, I often feel like I look different than what New York city wants or expects a designer to be. My skin, my voice, my accent, my culture, my work, my background, all the things that make me, well me, are an unexpected constellation of traits in the New York fashion scene. I aim to tell a story through fabric and fashion and my story is one of strong Kenyan roots planted in the beautiful cultures of East Africa and fabrics from home, and growing into an international story finding its way into the street wear of New York and Los Angeles . 


The words, "That's different" have been following me for the last two years. Every time I walk into a room, I am told, "you look different." "You talk differently." "You dress differently." It's true! My energy and my designs are different, and in the words of Tom Ford, "I don't believe in standardized beauty. I believe in the beauty that comes from being proud of who you are."  This collection is part of the story of who I am and who I am growing to be. I am no longer shy to share where I am from, what I have gone through to get here, and bring a piece of home to the streets of New York and Los Angeles . This collection is different, it's unique, and it radiates my energy which I hope to share with you not only where I am from, but where I am going.  

Music for our show is by seasoned Afrobeat and Amapiano artist, Lovince Mckenzie, who also serves as Executive producer and Creative Director for Shiyenze  on the runway at Fashion Week. The energy and vibe of Lovince's music will give you a taste of the diaspora and goes hand in hand with the fashion culture and our mission at Shiyenze fashion to bring the Afro culture onto the international stage. Lovince's unique baritone voice and Afrobeat vibes will be used across all platforms, stages, digital, and live events. Welcome to "That's Different 2023 "

 Designer: Roselyne Shiyenze

Creative Director & Executive Producer: Lovince Mckenzie

Lead Videographer: Amadeus Drayton

Stylist: Dante Williams.

Model Choreographer: Andrew Spriggs.

Logistics Coordinator: Zach Demko.

Music: Lovince Mckenzie 

Shoes: Tombo

Make up


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