Ndoto Halisi 2024

Ndoto halisi, meaning "real dream" in Swahili, is the fulfillment of my lifelong vision to launch a ready-to-wear fashion label. As a child, I was always sketching dress designs and thinking up ideas for clothing lines. Now, after years of hard work and perseverance, I've turned this dream into a reality.

Growing up in Kenya, I was surrounded by vibrant fabrics and diverse cultures that heavily influenced my love for fashion and design. I would spend hours studying the intricate patterns and colors of our traditional fabrics, getting lost in their beauty and artistry. My mother was a talented seamstress who created beautiful dresses, and I would watch her sew for hours on end, fascinated by the process.

As I got older, my interest in fashion design only grew stronger. I honed my skills. My relatives and neighbors began asking me to make clothes for special occasions. This early praise gave me the confidence that I could turn fashion design into a meaningful career.

I took every opportunity to learn - classes at a local design academy, online tutorials, internships that allowed me hands-on experience. After engaging into fashion marketing at university and working for amazing designers early in my career, I knew the time was right to step out on my own.

And so Ndoto Halisi was born. A realization of my childhood dreams and lifelong passion. I pour my African heritage, creativity, and belief in empowering women through fashion into every unique design we create. I'm humbled and thrilled to finally be living my ndoto halisi.

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