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Why Shiyenze?

It is richly African, genuinely inspired and the pinnacle of excellent design. Shiyenze fashion line is bent on leading the way in creative storytelling, through the much celebrated and steeply beloved modes of excellent dressing or attire.


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For the last two decades life has presented lots of pain in my life, that colour has been the only thing that has gravitated me to a happy place. Bahari means Ocean in swahili. When I designed Bahari I was going through a heartbreak, I remember trying to balance my sanity and my service at the studio. While seated in the studio bathroom I cried a lot because my jacket got so wet. When I stepped out of the room to go serve a client, I remembered this wonderful piece that I had worked on and called it Bahari. Bahari was a conclusion to my tears. I never shed a tear again.

Bahari was the best seller of 2017-2018.

Below are details we have.

Made with Maasai woolen fabric.

Has cotton lining throughout the jacket.

The sleeves have two slits.

Full length 45 inches.

Model is wearing Medium(M)

Handmade in Kenya.