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Why Shiyenze?

It is richly African, genuinely inspired and the pinnacle of excellent design. Shiyenze fashion line is bent on leading the way in creative storytelling, through the much celebrated and steeply beloved modes of excellent dressing or attire.


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Victoria Coat, was named after a very good friend and a pillar at Shiyenze Fashion. She is a lady who is always bouncing back against all odds. 

Victoria Coat was created, at a time when I had no materials in the shop and everything was low. It's probably one of the lowest moment I ever experienced.

During this season, I used the fabrics I had to make quilts and this this signature piece was birthed. I aim to give you a classy,vibrant and Statement look.


It's easy to wear.

Has a round neck

Has a cotton lining.

Has two pockets.

Easy to style.


NB: Each Victoria Coat is different from the other.